The Best of Kenyan Web Designs – II

Wow! It’s been an extremely busy past couple of months working on client projects, but the next list of the best designed Kenyan web sites is finally here. The first post elicited mixed reactions. Some were awed, others were unmoved, others were jealous, and still, others were straight up mad. Well, it’s a free country, is it not?! Whatever you think of the sites featured this time, remember to keep the main thing the main thing: inspiration. I hope you’ll find something that will help you to either design your site or improve it. There’s good stuff right here in Kenya. Match up, or top it if you can. Here goes!



Non-profit tech company


Photographer's portfolio site

Crown Berger

Umm... they make pretty good paint


One of the best Kenyan blog designs (currently blogging from Japan)


Awesome luxury hotel

Stephen Gacheru

Web and user interface designer

Mutua Matheka

Photographer's portfolio web site

Lantana Galu Beach

Beach property

Nairobi Swahili

A swahili tutor's web site! That's a first for me right there…

Sunseeker East Africa

Wanna buy a boat? I wish that wasn't a joke!

East African Packaging Industries

They package stuff. Neat.

Mara Enkipai

A safari camp


Web design, digital marketing & video solutions


Hata kama walininyima net…

Kichwa Tembo

Masai Mara safari


Great deals, purely Kenyan


Cool, out-of-town residential development

Omondi Abudho

Photographer & designer

Hive Villa Holidays

Coast Villa Rentals & Properties for sale

Parting Shot

What’s your favorite site among these? The list is considerably shorter this time (19) as compared to the previous list of 25. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself! If you’ve come across other stunning sites not listed here, I’d appreciate a mention in the comments.

Signed. Martians.