The Best of Kenyan Web Designs – II

Wow! It’s been an extremely busy past couple of months working on client projects, but the next list of the best designed Kenyan web sites is finally here. The first post elicited mixed reactions. Some were awed, others were unmoved, others were jealous, and still, others were straight up mad. Well, it’s a free country, is it not?! Whatever you think of the sites featured this time, remember to keep the main thing the main thing: inspiration. I hope you’ll find something that will help you to either design your site or improve it. There’s good stuff right here in Kenya. Match up, or top it if you can. Here goes!



Non-profit tech company


Photographer's portfolio site

Crown Berger

Umm... they make pretty good paint


One of the best Kenyan blog designs (currently blogging from Japan)


Awesome luxury hotel

Stephen Gacheru

Web and user interface designer

Mutua Matheka

Photographer's portfolio web site

Lantana Galu Beach

Beach property

Nairobi Swahili

A swahili tutor's web site! That's a first for me right there…

Sunseeker East Africa

Wanna buy a boat? I wish that wasn't a joke!

East African Packaging Industries

They package stuff. Neat.

Mara Enkipai

A safari camp


Web design, digital marketing & video solutions


Hata kama walininyima net…

Kichwa Tembo

Masai Mara safari


Great deals, purely Kenyan


Cool, out-of-town residential development

Omondi Abudho

Photographer & designer

Hive Villa Holidays

Coast Villa Rentals & Properties for sale

Parting Shot

What’s your favorite site among these? The list is considerably shorter this time (19) as compared to the previous list of 25. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself! If you’ve come across other stunning sites not listed here, I’d appreciate a mention in the comments.

31 responses to “The Best of Kenyan Web Designs – II”

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  2. This one is a definitely more well-rounded list. Loved Stephen Gacheru’s and Circle’s websites!

    Good work, Huston!

  3. Eugene says:

    Thanks for including my site in this roundup, Huston.

  4. Thanks Huston for featuring my site. It’s really cool when your peers appreciate one’s hard work.
    And speaking about appreciating other people’s work, I love the design by circle!!

  5. Webmaster X says:

    Thanks guyz. Love your work.

  6. Sandra says:

    Nice list Huston, really cool designs. I came across this once, thought it was amazing too.

    • Webmaster X says:

      Hey Sandra. Thanks. N yes, it does have the wow factor. I guess List III is on!

  7. Michael K says:

    Nice/awesome list, but, you have to be careful, the respectability of the list goes down the more and closer they are. Picture this, what if the oscar awards were given out on a monthly basis? It totally loses its true merit value. Don’t get lost in the hurry of making a new (just coz pips say u shud/pressure u!)list such that true value/merit is lost. Let people feel that they need to work to be on this list. What you are doing is spoon feeding/almost trying to please-no offense :-) Inform first-post a value adding article like before, a tut or something-then you can do the list, otherwise you’ll only be getting traffic when a list! comes out!! Now we wouldn’t want that would we?!! Designers-think creative . do business!!

  8. Webmaster X says:

    Hey Mike. I appreciate your advice… but I hope you’ve noticed that the last List was posted about 4 n a half months ago. That’s more than enough time. Secondly, I really don’t see how I am in a hurry or spoon-feeding. I browse a lot; I keep a list. Simple. Finally, about business, I don’t wanna boast… Thanks though.

  9. Ryan Bowman says:

    Huston, thanks for putting our site on your list. It is an honor.

    My favorite from the list is Stephen Gacheru’s site.

    What is your take on the Zuku site? It uses all images which makes it difficult for search engines and inaccessible to many folk, even if it is quite pretty….

    I just realized SG liked our site in the comments. Great minds…

    • Ryan thanks for that:)

      About Zuku, I personally prefer their previous website before the redesign. It was really clean and elegant. With this redesign, they went back to a few years ago when glossy images with gradients of different colours were all the rage.

      But when it comes to presentation of content, they do a very good job!

    • Webmaster X says:

      Ryan, it’s well deserved! Great job on your site. Your team’s inspiring. I am doing all I can not to get jealous!

      I largely agree with both of you (great minds) concerning Zuku’s site. I never thought the day would come when glossy would be retro! Then again, I guess they are enjoying so much business and traffic that they really aren’t bothered about usability at all. Search engine bots must be spending only a couple of nanoseconds there coz there’s really nothing textual to index.

  10. Billa says:

    Dope. My favs were pixcaliba, mutua matheka, mara enkipai and one that wasn’t featured wow! I think simplicity, balance and design factors all blended around navigation and entertainment is what makes an awesome website. I dislike “blocky old-fashion” design websites. The list was cool and much better than part 1. I hope mine will be one you ran into in the near future till then… just enjoy the music The Addvoket

  11. Kervin Namale says:

    Since i ventured at Mutua’s website i have seen how kenyans are skilled but i wonder why dont investors seek our techniques. Keep it up guys.

  12. purplehaze says:

    How about you include the CCK website in your ranking for people to vote.

    • Webmaster X says:

      I don’t quite get you… as in, should CCK be on the list or should I let people vote through CCK? If it’s the latter, I’d be open to hear what you have in mind. However, I am wary of voting coz my fellow Kenyans can pull stunts you aint never expected (like voting for themselves all night long!)

      • purplehaze says:

        This is very good work by the way. i guess i need to understand the concept from the very begining. How did you arrive at the above as the best Kenyan websites?

  13. That is a good collection of sites. What criteria did you use to rank the sites?

    • Webmaster X says:

      What criteria? In a nutshell: aesthetics (most prominently), usability, originality and code.

  14. Naftali says:

    Pretty impressive. I am personally in awe of Mutua Matheka’s site- i have used it as a reference point for a couple of guys. Am however glad to see a variety of sites someone can browse thru for inspiration.
    All in all, Good job & Thanks for helping a layman see the many options available as far as website design is concerned.


  15. Evans B says:

    I have to admit the sites on the list are really cool. Please have a look at and and let me know if they’d be good enough to make the list. Thanks!

    • Webmaster X says:

      Hi Evans, thanks for the comment. The two web sites could do better in terms of their own design, but they have awesome content. Considered. We’ll be launching our new site soon so hopefully another roundup will be ready soon after.

  16. Gashe says:

    This is really great, congrats for good work you are doing…how can i get to this ranking thing? I would like you to rank mine too…

  17. EngineerJ says:

    Hi, what do you guys think of this sites (still in progress) and

    I would also like to climb up the rank :))

    • To be bluntly honest, they are OK, but they’re almost templatish as well. Same login area, same general layout, same typography, largely transplanted sliders.

      It takes attention to detail to stand out of the crowd. You’re not far off, but there’s still reasonable ground to cover. Keep polishing the skills.

  18. leakey says:

    Where is your offices located,I want to know how much you charge for web design !

signed. martians.™