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A logo is a brand’s cornerstone and anchor, so we strive to design the kind that stands the test of time.

Identity — Branding — Iconography

Why Logos

Most people use the words logo and brand synonymously. However, a logo is not a brand; brand is the subjective overall perception of your organization.

A logo, on the other hand, is its visual anchor. It is the masthead on which are attached all the brand’s sails. Getting the logo right gives the ship a head start.

What we Aim to Achieve

Each concept is evaluated using our AMVIT guideline:

  1. Appropriateness — does it fit the client, and industry?
  2. Memorability — can it be sketched from memory?
  3. Versatility — will it adapt to diverse contexts?
  4. Idiosyncrasy — is it distinct enough in its category?
  5. Timelessness — does it apply principles of longevity?

The Skyline Approach

We explore many ideas when designing a logo, but by policy, we never present more than 2 concepts. Great design is as much about elimination as it is about creation. Deep iteration trumps shallow exploration.

We are professionally opinionated by design, hence we diligently articulate what we consider to be the best direction, scored using our AMVIT metrics.

Safaricom Alpha Logo
Food Dudes Logo
Tira Studio Workshop Logo
Proclaim Conference Logo
Mara Bistro & Lounge Logo
Joan Career Coach Logo
Humanity Kenya Jerotich Seii Logo
AI4D Africa Logo
Rolling Lens Logo
Africa Uncensored Logo
Discover Kenya Safaris Logo
Moringa School Logo (Old)
Evangel Apparel Logo
Safaricom Bonga App Logo
Afrikoin Logo
Zwuup! Logo
Kinyungu Ventures Logo
Akili's Heel Logo
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