Martian Podcast: Interested?

Us guys have been talking a lot about setting up a podcast that would cover our areas of interest (design and web development) in our African and Kenyan context. We think it’s finally time to walk the talk and get this thing launched.

We're planning to launch the premier episode in August.

We’re planning to launch the premier episode in August.

However, it would really suck if we can’t even get a handful of people that would be excited to follow along and perhaps even contribute. Don’t you think?

So we’re asking you to support us as we record and prepare to release the first episode in August. We need just 100 subscribers to certify that the project’s legit and worthwhile. We’d appreciate you signing up.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hola!
    When is this Podcast happening? Do invite me to talk about stuff :-)

    • Yo, we’re yet to reach our target of 100 subscribers. We’re still at 46/100 at the moment. When we top up, we’ll begin. Will most definitely invite you to the show Lord willing.

      • How many guys have subscribed as of now? We can help get more if you’ve not yet met your target

  • Victor Muthoka

    And I’m now subscribed ✅

signed. martians.™