Fun at the First Martian Friday

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At the beginning of this year, us guys agreed that we needed to connect more with the cool peeps that follow our work. Although many people openly appreciate and are inspired by the exciting projects we get to work on, we felt that we needed to actually meet them in the flesh. After all, “African skin” is one half of our mantra.

Thing is, social media is cool. But social media isn’t social enough.

So if by any chance you’d taken a look at our Internal Projects page, or if you’re a fan on Facebook, you probably knew about today’s event. Well, I’m here to report that all three of us Martians are very happy with how it went down!

Java was the venue. Koinange street. Oh yea, we totally colonised the couch area! We weren’t expecting a large number though, so we’re glad that we were able to have meaningful conversations with those who came. It was quite refreshing, I must say.

So here are a few photos from the afternoon.

Looking forward to the next one on 4th July, God willing.

Enjoyed the conversation with Anthony from Duke University.

Enjoyed the conversation with Anthony. Cool software dev from Duke University.

Emmanuel was able to perfect his startup's logo and app icon with David's help.

Emmanuel was able to perfect his startup’s logo and app icon with David’s help.

It was really cool to hang out with Kathleen from KU and compare notes on design process.

It was really cool to hang out with Kathleen from JKUAT and compare notes on the design process.

Kenyanpoet popped in afterwards, with pretty cool SafariTales branding.

Kenyanpoet popped in afterwards, with pretty cool SafariTales stickers.

So that’s it. Hope to see you at the next one!

21 responses to “Fun at the First Martian Friday”

  1. Kathleen ッッ Siminyu says:

    Kathleen from *jkuat

    Nice post!

  2. Victor Muthoka says:


    • Woi, sorry you missed it. Haya, hope to see you at the next one. It’s not just tech talk, but business and entrepreneurship too.


      • Victor Muthoka says:

        I was trying to be funny. I will,I’ve already penned it in. & y’all must have been those people who fill out that couch. And the way it’s just at the entrance, lol

        • Hehe! The joke was totally lost on me… Yeah, I think we’ll have to pick another venue next month (which was the plan anyways), coz the manager must’ve flagged us or something! See the look the waitress is giving us in the third pic?

          But we bought lots of drinks so it’s no loss to them.

  3. Nice one there. I’ve been so far from Nai, couldnt make it. maybe one day we have a google hangout version, ama? :-)

  4. MIKE CAYVOOTI says:

    It looks fun, am not into coding that much; am a creative designer…but next time (4th July) i will definitely join you, God willing.

  5. What the beard is that @martianskills:disqus? Hehe… chunga isikufikishe jela :-)

  6. Jeremy Jard Saomba says:

    Huuuuge fan of your work. Good stuff!!! Keep at it.

  7. Frank Komu says:

    Loving the website…planning to join on one of the Martian Fridays:-)

signed. martians.™