First Day at “Work”

Today was a significant milestone for Skyline: we have a literal, tangible, physical location!

Kiki, Kush and Wangila at the office, acting all focused...

Kiki, Kush and Wangila at the office, acting all focused…

We’ll now be operating from the Startup Garage on Ngong Road (most people know the place as Brew Bistro, just before you get to Nakumatt Junction). We love the setup of the place, and it’s as posh as it gets on this side of the Sahara. It’s one of those places where you walk through the door and you can’t help but feel motivated to do some really serious work. By the way, did you know it’s the largest co-working space in Africa?

Apart from typical web and graphic design work, the Martians will be working closely with the different startups to give their ideas a professional look. So if you know any startups at Startup Garage, expect some state-of-the-art interfaces really soon.

David, Wangila, and I reported this morning. After our details had been noted down, we had a mini tour of the considerably expansive place. There’s various working areas, a cafeteria (with chai on the house all day, man!), a ‘lounge’ of sorts where you can meet with those VIPs, a couple of meeting rooms with whiteboards, a front office, an entrance with a supersize model of a jua kali vehicle (nice touch), and a door with a fingerprint scanner. Hapana macheso!

So how did I find the first day? Pretty fulfilling. There were a few guys that I knew from the iHub, and people there are generally amicable. I didn’t feel any of the weirdness and need to impress/fake as I usually felt at… well… the iHub.

I got quite a lot of tasks completed, and where the code failed, poor Wangila was there to absorb the frustration and suggest ideas and/or geek jokes. And vice versa! David was, in his own words, “chillaxing” today after finishing his 3-month contract with Verge Media where he got to do some pretty amazing artwork. He fully plugs in tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what fireworks the team will spark up.

So yes, we’re excited about our new “home” as we pilgrims and aliens find our way on your planet, Earthlings. You’ll be hearing about more of our endeavors soon. Or rather, you’ll see them! Soli Deo gloria.

Signed. Martians.