Creative and risky ‘Coming Soon’ page

This month, we’ve been working on a design for a new lingerie web site for an awesome client who supplies high quality imported undergarments for D-KK cup women (hence the name “Curvy Curves”. African style, you know how we do!). As usual, we like to have a coming soon page in place while we work on the full web site.

This time, we went all out on creativity, and even took a risk, pushing the “limits” as far as they could go. The idea was that since the web site will be one that sells female undergarments, the coming soon page should be an image of a lady taking off her top! It was a risk, and even one of our friends said his first reaction on seeing the page was Alt + F4!!! Alt + F4!!! However, the client loved it, and so did the ladies who know how hard it is to find perfectly fitting bras and stuff for D-KK cup sizes in Nairobi.

For the sake of not being too shocking, we decided to make an illustration instead of using an actual image. David Kuria got to work (more about him on our home page) and he came up with an amazing illustration. It’s the most creative coming soon page we’ve done so far, and we intend to keep it available even after the site goes live. Check it out. We hope it inspires you to be creative every step of the way as you design your own web sites.

Signed. Martians.