Connect to Subdomain of Add-on Domain via Dreamweaver FTP

Connecting via FTP to a domain’s hosting is easy enough. But what if you had an add-on domain on which you’ve created a subdomain, and you wanted to connect via FTP to it? As I found out recently, not so straightforward. After fiddling around with the settings in Dreamwever’s FTP — and giving up after it didn’t work the first time — I finally succeeded. So this quick post is to show you a snapshot of the settings that worked. Conceptually, of course!


Add-on Subdomain FTP Settings


The way in which server folder structures are configured (at least on Apache administered via cPanel) is that there is a main folder called public_html or www where all web site files that are to be accessible via the browser are placed. This is the so called root folder.

If you create a subdomain, a new folder is created inside the root folder. So for example, if your domain is and you create a subdomain called, the folder will actually be at www/subdomain/. This is where the subdomain’s files will be placed.

Well, it turns out that if you have an add-on domain, it’s folder will also reside in www, so in our case we’ll have www/ This is where it gets tricky. What if you create a subdomain for the add-on domain? Answer: the sub domain is placed under www as well, and NOT inside www/ That’s why we’ve specified the subdomain’s root folder as such above. Trying to connect to as the FTP address was to no avail. Using public_html/subdomain/ didn’t work either. It had to be as shown above.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Signed. Martians.