Best of Kenyan Web Designs – III

Am glad to present the third list of awesomely designed Kenyan web sites. We’ll be releasing a quarterly list, so before end of March comes, here is a collection of 25 sites to inspire your design projects in 2012. As Jeff would say, “All Kenyan, all the time. Keep it right here!”

Omera, what’s this: a random collection of noteworthy Kenyan sites
Purpose: Inspiration & recognition
Criteria: Personal taste, pretty much.


Footprints Press

Footprints Press: a publishing house

Echo Peri: communication services provider

Idd Salim: coder & blogger

Kijiji Entertainment: production house

Nairobi Java House: coffee house & lounge

Open Capital Advisors: financial services firm

Interaqtive Studios: creatives & devs

Chester House: a Nairobi skyscraper

Adawnage: band web site

Wezatele: mobile solutions provider

Strathmore Business School: academic site

PesaPal: mobile payments

Dutchez Juma: interface designer

Akirachix: geek girls

UDK: graphic designers & animators

STL: musician

Ma3: band.

Nairobi VIP: event organizers

Grow Nups: artists, tees n music

Diva Jewels: jewelery

Penya Africa: music & arts community

Leon Muli: photographer web site

K63: photography

Vision 2030: government site

NIC: bank web site

Signed. Martians.