Best of Kenyan Web Designs – III

Am glad to present the third list of awesomely designed Kenyan web sites. We’ll be releasing a quarterly list, so before end of March comes, here is a collection of 25 sites to inspire your design projects in 2012. As Jeff would say, “All Kenyan, all the time. Keep it right here!”

Omera, what’s this: a random collection of noteworthy Kenyan sites
Purpose: Inspiration & recognition
Criteria: Personal taste, pretty much.


Footprints Press

Footprints Press: a publishing house

Echo Peri: communication services provider

Idd Salim: coder & blogger

Kijiji Entertainment: production house

Nairobi Java House: coffee house & lounge

Open Capital Advisors: financial services firm

Interaqtive Studios: creatives & devs

Chester House: a Nairobi skyscraper

Adawnage: band web site

Wezatele: mobile solutions provider

Strathmore Business School: academic site

PesaPal: mobile payments

Dutchez Juma: interface designer

Akirachix: geek girls

UDK: graphic designers & animators

STL: musician

Ma3: band.

Nairobi VIP: event organizers

Grow Nups: artists, tees n music

Diva Jewels: jewelery

Penya Africa: music & arts community

Leon Muli: photographer web site

K63: photography

Vision 2030: government site

NIC: bank web site

53 responses to “Best of Kenyan Web Designs – III”

  1. Cool Round up. I’m honoured that you featured my work :-)

  2. Wow .. No words. Thanks

  3. directionman says:

    Mambo bad!

    Love that NIC…

  4. benson says:

    Love the countdown. Why aint you put yourselves in the mix skyline is awesome bro..

  5. Alex Muriu says:

    Glad to see 3 websites done by Creative Edge Ltd on this list. We appreciate the recognition. Look out for even better designs this year.

  6. Peter says:

    I guess there should be another one on the list called they have a really good website aswell.

    Thanks for letting us know the best, i like the one of Jeff.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Peter.

      Pikachakula have awesome content (in fact, I think I’ll be checking in regularly before I mess around in the kitchen), but as far as design goes, only their logo is striking.

  7. Mike says:

    2 pieces featured. I bless God for the favor experienced. God bless.

  8. Thanks for featuring my website. Much appreciated :)

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  10. @dutchezjuma says:

    I feel honored. Tks!

  11. maina says:

    is me ama most of this site are online template ???

    • Hi Maina. I appreciate your openness, but I have made my considerations clear ever since the first list. So please remember why this post is here. Inspiration. If you have a worthwhile link to share, we’d be pleased to consider it. Cheers.

  12. MIKE says:

    You have a good post. keep up the good work!

  13. Niick116 says:

    Good Stuff…

  14. rimbui says:

    hey thanks for featuring our website. BebaBeba

  15. Eugene says:

    Awesome! Good to see a project that I worked on featured ie. :)

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  17. Victor says:

    the penya africa website is a commercial template not really designed in kenya

  18. We would like to say that we are honored that you selected our website as one of the best in Kenya. We would also like to attribute the success of our website to the vision of our Director, Susan Githuku, and the guidance of our web creators, Brand2D. Skyline Design should also be one of the best designed sites in Kenya, because it is! Grazie…

  19. Love the idea to collect and appreciate good web design … I don’t agree with most, particularly the first collection but the collections are getting more refined and hey, we should respect each other’s opinions right?

    So I figured I’d throw in some my own (team effort with my brother), here goes;

    All hand-coded :-)

    And your site is responsive! Nice … if the title on that little HTML5 icon is anything to go by … Kudos.

    • Hi King’ori. Thanks for the kind words.

      I had already seen two of the sites you’ve shared. Thanks for that as well. One was on the list coming at the end of April… I’ll include one more that I’ve found really well done in terms of attention to graphic detail.

      Nice work, keep it up.

  20. Kim says:

    You must include in your next list! I dont think any one in Kenya’s done such a great wedding site todate! Great collection you have here.

    Cheers man!

  21. Songok says:

    Nice collection man! Also check out <– An Eye-Candy right thuur! :-)

  22. JoeMwega says:

    Idd Salim and Dutchez to respect those sites..mad talent

  23. JD kimaru says:

    If you wanted to apply for a job in any of your successfully grown companies is it possible having completed a course in web design and an advantage of having a a cert in graphixs to do so?

  24. Porgy gee says:

    Hey good stuff,am impressed kudos with the creativity

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