25 of the Best Kenyan Web Designs

Good web design is hard to come by in Kenya. So other than just talk against it, I have scoured the net over the past month in search of commendable Kenyan web sites that can serve as inspiration for Kenyan designers. 25 of them are featured here. If I were to go by international standards and ensure none was table based or built on a premium theme, they would be too few. But overlooking a few things here and there, here is a list of commendable sites.


A photography web site

ARK Kenya

Flash portfolio for interactive agency

Bonk Clothing

An upbeat clothing company

Paras Gudka

A Kenyan freelancer’s portfolio


You all know the XYZ show

Simba Colt Motors

A motor vehicle company

The Walblog

A Christian blog for the youth


Open space for technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers

James Quest

Professional photographer’s portfolio

Tribe Hotel

Hotel web site

Safari Park

Hotel web site


National co-ordinating body for organic agriculture


State parastatal for healthcare needs

Orange Kenya

Telecommunications services provider


Artiste’s web site

Africa Nazarene University

The university’s web site


The Mavuno Church web site


Web site of the popular comic

Gatwich Festival

A music festival


A furniture company

Kaptagat Farm Resort

A unique resort

Brand Kenya

The site that brands Kenya!

Bata Kenya

Shoe company

Tile & Carpet Centre

Building and interior products company


Online media rentals web site

Parting Shot

Are there any noteworthy Kenyan web sites that you have come across? Did you like the ones listed here? Please also check out the second and the third feature, if you haven’t already.

112 responses to “25 of the Best Kenyan Web Designs”

  1. Mauri Yambo says:

    A very good selection. I’m impressed by your taste.

  2. Paul Kevin says:

    Why is NHIF on the list…..and 90% of those sites are WP themes from themeforest….who drew up this list?

  3. Muthoni says:

    Love your work…
    You should also check out the newly unveiled http://www.crownberger.co.ke/

  4. Webmaster X says:

    @Mauri, thanks.

    @Muthoni, I’ll definitely be putting that up on the next feature.

    @Paul, be nice. The beginning of the post fully explained my considerations.

  5. Mulei says:

    Great collection. I also kinda like the newly launched “Habanized” blog (http://habanized.com/)

    • Eugene says:

      Thank you for bigging me up Mulei. Kenyan design has come a long way! Watu wameunleash some serious sites out there. It feels nice to get some mad inspiration kutoka nyumbani. (BTW Huston, no tables and the theme is homemade.)

      • Webmaster X says:

        Eugene…. WHOA!!! That’s the very very very first Kenyan web site that has taken my breath away! Big Up, I’ll be putting that up on the second feature coming soon. Keep it up!

        • Eugene says:

          Thanks Huston. Seriously, I’m stoked beyond words! I’ll be sharing all the design tricks I have on the site. Glad to know that I can inspire. Pamoja.

    • Webmaster X says:

      That’s a unique layout… I’ll consider it for the upcoming feature. Thanks for mentioning.

  6. Sera says:

    Thanks for this review. We surely have come a long way in webdesign in Kenya. I think you omitted one of the best designed websites http://www.capitalfm.co.ke! they are constantly changing their look and feel on their home page and each of their sections has a different design e.g news. i particularly like the business section.

    I also think you should look at design vis a vie functionality, navigation, usefulness as some of the site above e.g. brand kenya are lacking in some of these aspects.

    • Webmaster X says:

      Hi Sera. I had checked it out before. I felt like it screams a little too much. Ads are all over, almost completely drawing the user (me at least) away from the content. Thanks for suggesting though.

  7. I have number 26 for you. :) http://www.weddingskenya.com/ designed by yours truly!

  8. Awesome list Huston… I particularly love the last one, Famiflix is on point.

  9. Webmaster X says:

    Thanks Chris. I’ll be watching yours too untill there’s no more falling objects :-). Cheers man. Maurice, it’s in consideration.

  10. daniel otieno says:

    i think also http://www.stmarys.ac.ke/ and http://www.eib.co.ke should be in the list……..realy cool websites.

  11. mmnjug says:

    The SimbaColt Motors is the best of them all. Will you do the Bavaria Motors one also or the Imperial Bank one, they own it all anyway!

    • Webmaster X says:

      Mmnjug! Do these guys pay your salary or what?! To say it’s the best of them all is clearly a gross overstatement. Don’t get proud, bruh.

  12. Paras Gudka says:

    Webmaster X:

    I’m flattered that you consider my website as one of ’25 of the Best Kenyan Web Designs’. Thank you for the consideration and kind words.

    I’m curious to know though, how you went about looking for these best designs. How did you come across mine and on what basis did you evaluate it before deciding that it makes the cut?

    • Webmaster X says:

      Gudka, don’t be flattered. I liked your design. Of course, the post and the list are very subjective, but in a nutshell, I visited every Kenyan web site I could think of or get wind of from just about every source (Facebook, television, billboards, newspapers, Behance, Google e.t.c) Then, I noted down those that I was impressed with. So long as the design was good and I could easily navigate through the site, I noted it down.
      I know a lot of people have asked the same question, wondering what criteria I used to shortlist the web sites. The best way to clear the air is to clarify the intent of the post. This post was written to serve as inspiration for designers. Once inspired, they can hone and sharpen whatever skills they have in order to achieve the same if not better results.

  13. Corvinus says:

    Nazarene University? Really? Shoot-out and XYZ are well done.

  14. Mike says:

    I totally disagree with your choice on the brand Kenya website. Sure the design looks good but a good site must also have good content which this site clearly does not. I think a sight like this, is meant to be a bit more interactive. Your article on the kenyan gov. website is so true. I had actually pointed it out to my pals at the beginning of the year. But the question is what are you guys doing to help these other not so good web designers improve? Share your knowledge which you (kNine) are doing pretty well.

    • Webmaster X says:

      I agree with you, Mike. But then again, you agree with me!!! The title is “…Best Kenyan Designs“, not web sites. Thanks for the compliment, there’s tutorials comin up soon. Keep it locked! Cheers.

      • Mike says:

        Will be waiting for the tutorials. Its good that you reply to peoples views but you need to increase the turn out of your articles. You wouldn’t want me to come back one month later and find the same worn out articles I found first time around. The reader doesn’t care that you might be running this blog on a part time basis. He/she is hungry for information and wants it now regardless! Continuity is key…………..

  15. check this one out!


    ‘The Face of Internet in Kenya’ is designed to be a browsing gateway for Kenya so that you GET-WHAT-U-WANT … mara moja!

    • Mike says:

      The site has traffic but scroll back up and read the title of this blogpost/article. If I were to compare you to mocality…………..well you’re nowhere near but you’ll get there one day i.e. in terms of design and ease of use/user friendliness. Keep on keeping on!!!!

      • Seriously? Seriously? I mean… Seriously?

        • Webmaster X says:

          I feel you Chris. LOL!

          • Huston, this site just got me thinking… You should do 25 of the worst Kenyan websites…


          • Mike says:

            The comment I had left on December 24th was targeted towards the datamaxkenya.com website. I was comparing his sight to mocality.com because they fall under the same “webdirectory” bracket. A bit of controversy never hurt nobody, see it even got guys thinking about having another list of worst websites. Let’s call it critical thinking………..

          • Webmaster X says:

            Yea Chris! I tell you man, I am seriously considering that! Haha! Mike, the first tut is up. Spread the word :-)

    • Mike… Jackson’s theory called “GET-WHAT-U-WANT Mara Moja” made me think he was on to something… then I saw the site he was referring to… and was disappointed to say the least. Jackson… that site is poorly designed in all aspects.

      If Huston was to make that list of the worst websites, I think he would have a harder time choosing which one is worse than the other… Probably 25 lists of 25 worst websites might substantially cover the sites in Kenya :(

      But we can be redeemed… with better designs and visionary creatives being born everyday, its only a matter of time before Jackson crosses over to the right side.

      • Webmaster X says:

        True. It’s impossible to list 25 worst designs coz… well… there’s just no design put in! And it doesn’t help anyone, probably just flare up tempers and make people get fired. That’s a burden I wont be bearing any time soon. Positive influence and inspiration has always proved to work better than devastating criticism.

    • jackson says:

      cool website. actually more than a website, http://www.DataMaxKenya.Com is fast positioning as default homepage in Kenya.

  16. -Evans B says:


    The list is kinda cool but make sure you check out http://www.urbandesignkings.com before you do the second feature.

    • Webmaster X says:

      Hi Evans. I’ve checked it out… Mazee, I really love the illustration, and that basketballer’s dunking animation is just the best I’ve seen from Kenya, but… The site, in and of itself, falls short. Contrast is lacking in a lot of places, and some colors clash loudly, like red (on the menu) and blue (above the menu) which are placed adjacently yet are not analogous. Then again, the repetition of color bands could be taken to be simply “filling up bland space”, for lack of a better expression. Mad props for the illustration though.

  17. -Evans B says:

    .I think you should consider that I made all the Flash elements(including the video player and illustration portfolio) from scratch plus my bro did all the designs and layouts himself. Considering how many guys resort to using templates or just copying concepts they’ve seen, I think the site is good. Plus: All the illustrations and videos were done by my bro!

  18. -Evans B says:

    Thank you very much!
    BTW when is the new list coming out?

  19. batakenya says:

    Thank You for featuring Bata Kenya! :-))

  20. Evon says:

    I think you should check this one out.

  21. helen says:

    africa nazarene university website has been advanced, it looks much better now :-D

  22. Bernard Lelo says:

    Some are by done Prima Donas Shameless wordpress themes

  23. […] your favorite site among these? The list is considerably shorter this time (19) as compared to the previous list of 25. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself! If you’ve come across other stunning sites not listed […]

  24. Like That Selection…
    Check out Yoontu.com …. A kenyan Search Engine. I think it is also beautiful.

    • Webmaster X says:

      Geoff, I don’t show up on it! Lol! But seriously, there’s hardly any design. Just to mention, I could tell at first glance that the menu is from jqueryUI’s default css.

    • myaspirantmyleader says:

      server not found

  25. Geoffrey Mureithi says:

    What about this..
    My own Flash Design and not yet launched
    Check it out on
    It is about Nyahururu Falls

  26. Evans says:

    I’ve recently redesigned http://www.urbandesignkings.com so u shud check it out.

  27. Newton Mwangi says:

    I Think http://www.yoontu.com actually looks great..

  28. Hey That is great collection.

    Look at. http://www.evergreengardens.co.ke I think its also great. I was done by http://www.oracom.co.ke

    Thanks for the good work.

  29. Nice web designs i must say , i didn’t know that Kenyans have become so tech savvy,congrats designers,even the ones who used templates,that is creative work

  30. Songok says:

    Check out http://www.ignited.co.ke. One word, AWESOME!

  31. alex says:

    what are the buisness contacts ?

  32. alex mbiru says:

    check out http://www.technologykenya.com/ its a new webdesign company

  33. kalgahara says:

    these sites are realy amazing, but i doubt if they are made by these guys, coz every web designer has a touch and it can always be identified once you see two or three of his works.
    with these boys, its all random and

  34. Gits says:

    Oiiiiii, there is also http://www.intricatebs.com
    Both graphic AND web design, and the FIRST company in Kenya to start designing infographics for both business and personal use.

  35. I think it would be good to check which websites have actually been designed & developed in Kenya! And that have not been outsourced internationally. Tribe is one of them!

    • Hi Christina. I’m well aware of that fact. Whether it’s outsourced or not makes no difference to the quality of design and potential for inspiration. It’s not an award we’re granting, it’s exposure and inspiration.

  36. Craig says:

    How about this website http://www.raspberryfashions.com totally unique and fresh, with zooming function on stock and an intergrated shopping cart which is not seen much in Kenya?…

  37. How about http://www.brand2d.com? These guys are super cool too, check out their awesome portfolio too. Do let me know what you think on Twitter @KenyanMarketer

    Thanks for compiling the list.

  38. joy says:

    Nice web designs i must say. im looking for someone to design a website for our company, host it and also develop it. kindly advise.

  39. Nice pick for the designs. also consider http://www.justbet.co.ke in your list.

  40. FRANK KENYAN says:

    Great great collection…Already giving me an idea of the next site I will be building!

  41. Alexander Kimaru says:

    Excellent collection. Hope some of our websites from Maruki Consulting appear on your blog. http://www.maruki.co.ke. I have an idea of getting the Creative HOD’s of all web design companies to come together and form a design consortium which gives a monthly and annual award of websites developed by Kenyan Web Design companies which are independently scrutinized for aesthetics, functionality, communication and creativity. As I see you’ve started the ball, which is a right start. 2. I also think by all of us showcasing our works we can step up our skills to match the best and most importantly getting the view of the customer. Great job guys!

  42. Samuel says:

    I am a professional web designer and i agree with most of the websites ranked as top. Kudos. You guys really did your homework.

  43. JD kimaru says:

    Hi I love your blog page and your web design list of best web companies, as a student what advise can you give me in terms of picking web design as a career ?

    • Hi JD.

      I’d say go for it! Just know that there are no shortcuts, you’ll have to really know your stuff in order to stand out.

      We’re actually preparing a short course for people who want to pursue web design. We’ll announce it on the blog as soon as it’s ready, hopefully within a couple of months.

  44. JD kimaru says:

    Ok thanks a whole lot looking forward to it.

  45. Avatar Parto says:

    What about http://www.twapaa.org …nice colors and design.

  46. Serena Lodges Serena Lodges says:

    check out http://www.africansafaris.co.ke

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  48. […] you're looking for the site featured on Skyline Design's '25 of the Best Kenyan Web Designs' post, visit its archived version […]

  49. agworld1046 says:

    The best is http://allenhark.com

  50. dennis says:

    check out emmadanielcreations.com

  51. Nick says:

    Check Out http://princecam.co.ke/ Its amazing, animated …think its the best

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  53. Frank Komu says:

    Awesome collection. As a growing web developer am learning a lot from this list

  54. Mwaura Kevin says:

    As a professional web designer, it’s such a great thing to come across detailed articles on web design in kenya such as this one. Kudos!

  55. SMS says:

    I am looking for someone who can develop my website . I am opening a restaurant..need excellent price and someone who could show off with my website !

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