15+ Attractive Twitter Profile Designs

Design is everywhere. I began to notice this as well when I got onto twitter a while back. Most of the profiles I’ve seen just use the default twitter backgrounds, but every once in a while I stumble upon a profile whose owner took a little more time and effort to customize theirs with a unique design. The following are some of the twitter profile designs that I found to be attractive (tried to keep it Kenyan) and that I’m glad to share. Check em out:


Are you a twitter user? Do you put effort and time into customizing your online profiles? Got one that’s attractive that you’d like the world to see? Hit me up in the comments…

  • Nice list. Funny how you had to also include your twitter handle on the list.

    • Haha, yea… Then you know what? I posted this last night and by this morning, the profiles had changed coz the new Twitter had been implemented! That’s providence right there.

  • check out
    @brand2d, @graphicdragons

    • Pretty good. We’ll have them in the next roundup, now that twitter’s overall look has changed.

  • Another one to note @Amasy

signed. martians.™