African skin, Martian skills

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The Design Process

Our clients get to experience the thrill of working with a capable team that not only delivers, but one that also truly cares about them beyond work.

We often describe our design process as being analogous to creating a sports bike. Click through the bullet navigation below to explore.


At the onset of each project, a good amount of time, effort, and Java coffee goes into getting to understand you [the client] and what you want.

We aggregate all the info and draw up an agreement having a scope and timeline, which we'll sign with you. A down payment seals your commitment and the Martians get to work.


Where the magic begins: We brainstorm and sketch how your site/app should look like and work based on the site's objectives. We always start from scratch. Always.

Once we've gone over the sketches with you, we then do the digital design. You get to review the site's look before we write a single line of code.


At this stage, usually two to three weeks after the project began, we finally dive into code. We take pride in writing out the code for our authentic designs by hand.

Writing code translates the graphic design into a language browsers can understand, and allows you to easily manage content.


We are just as excited as you are to finally get that new web site online! Prepare to be the talk of the town for the next couple of weeks…

We monitor traffic and server uptime, finalize security measures, handle bug reports, maximize SEO, and train you on how to make simple changes. Then we toast, to success.


The web is changing. Fast. That's a great thing, but it can be hard for web site owners to keep up with it on their own.

We understand the past, the present state, and the likely future of the web, and thus use our Martian skills to maximize opportunities for our clients. Seen our work yet?